The “14 Days to Have Your Say” are over. Thank you for your contributions and feedback received via this site and the in-library flip charts!

You can read our preliminary responses on our 14 Days Feedback page; we’ll have more for you in Fall 2015.

Remember that you can contact us year-round with your ideas and suggestions as they occur to you. One convenient place to do that is the online Suggestion Form.

Please comment on the second-to-last “Sticky Question of the Day!”

What have you learned from library classes that was valuable to you?


Sticky question of the day! Please leave your comments:

“When you need to learn how to do something, what mode do you prefer: YouTube / Written instructions / In-person help?”

Sticky question of the day! Please leave your comments.

If the library classroom were available intermittently as a study space, would not having set times be a problem? Let us know!

Sticky question of the day! Please leave your comments.

When you need a Mac computer, where do you go & why? What software is important to have on a Mac computer?

Hi everyone, Thanks for your thoughts so far! We are curious to know how you feel about print books vs. electronic/web-based books. Given a choice between the two, which do you prefer and why? Leave a comment to provide your input.

We want to hear what you have to say!

Follow this link to leave a post! The library’s space, polices and resources have changed quite a bit over the past few years. We made some of the most important enhancements as a result of student, faculty and staff feedback received via our “14 Days to Have Your Say!” in 2010. We have heard your […]