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Have you downloaded UPmobile yet?

The official UPmobile app is available to download for free for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile and tablet. The app will hive the UP community access anywhere and anytime to important campus resources including: Courses – View class schedules, assignments, class rosters, grades, and discussions. Events – Explore the University calendar and save events to […]


New WiFi Networks Boost Security, Performance and Ease of Access

As part of ongoing efforts to improve the security, performance and accessibility of our campus wireless service Technical Services has implemented significant changes to University of Portland’s Wi­Fi networks. PLEASE NOTE: University of Portland legacy WiFi networks, ‘Pilots’ and ‘PilotsWPA’, are no longer being broadcast and are set to retire in the near future. The following Service Set Identifiers […]


Tech Tip – Upload Mobile Video to MediaSpace

Thanks to an update to UP’s Single Sign On portal,, it’s now possible to log in to MediaSpace through a mobile browser. What this means for UP video users is that the process of taking video on a mobile device and uploading it directly to MediaSpace to store, stream and share video is much […]


A New Look for ‘GO’ Single Sign On

Starting September 16th, users will notice a new look for our Single Sign On website at The sign-on page as well as the application portal will have a much improved look and feel. is the University of Portland’s Single Sign On (SSO) solution. Single sign on enables users to login once rather than […]


IS will soon provide Microsoft Office 365

Dear UP Campus Members, As part of ongoing efforts to enhance communication and increase collaboration, the Information Services Department will soon provide Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services to all students, faculty, and staff.  The Office 365 Suite of products is an integrated set of tools intended to seamlessly allow communication between individuals and groups across […]


Important Reminder! Moodle Upgrade This Fall

In May of 2015, Academic Technology Services announced that the Moodle online learning platform will be upgraded to a new version prior to the Fall, 2015 semester. Here is a round-up of everything you need to know about the Moodle upgrade: Support Information Upgrade Date: August 19th, 2015 On August 19th, the new Moodle version will launch […]


Course Migrations to the New Moodle

Planning for the summer upgrade from Moodle 2.5 to Moodle 2.8 is in full swing, and the first of three planned waves is coming up soon! If you want to be among the first to start using the new Moodle version but need access to your past courses to build on, it’s not too late to request that your courses be part of the first group to be migrated over. Find out how after the jump!


New Moodle Coming Soon

Update: For further information course migrations, please see this Course Migration Tutorial post which includes a video walkthrough. This special edition of Tech Talk features Moodle Administrator Tony Box unveiling some of the new features we’re going to see when the Moodle upgrade takes place this August.  A few highlights mentioned in the podcast are: new […]


iBooks Author Workshop Video Available in the VLC

Academic Technology Services recently presented a training workshop on how to create multi-touch iBooks using iBooks Author. Peter Pappas, adjunct instruction in the School of Education, demonstrated features of multi-touch iBooks and the key steps in designing an iBook, including how to add and format text and how to use drag and drop widgets to showcase […]


ReMixing Academics and Media

Dr. Valerie Francisco-Menchavez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Work.  Recently, she pioneered a storytelling project in her Race and Ethnicity class that encouraged students to create conversations on difficult topics such as race and privilege with members of the campus community.  She also rolled out an infographics project called […]


Announcing FileUP Mobile Interface

Information Services has upgraded FileUP!  The website provides access to home folders (P: drives) as well department folders (U: drives) through a web interface.  You can reach the site through PilotsUP and the Go portal.  The new version includes a mobile/touch interface.  Try it out on your smartphone.  It should detect your device and […]


Your Voice Matters : Office 365

Office 365 at UP  Information Services is exploring a possible move to Microsoft Office 365 as a comprehensive set of collaboration tools for staff, faculty and students at the University of Portland.  We are in the exploration and evaluation phase, no changes have been made.  We really want student and faculty feedback on the product. […]


Camtasia For Campus

Information Services is happy to announce that University of Portland has procured a site license for Camtasia & Snagit, two applications by Techsmith. Camtasia is powerful screencasting and video production software, while Snagit can be used to capture images from a screen. These are great tools for creating content in both an academic/instructional and a support […]


Firefox Hello Makes Web Calls Even Simpler

Video calling is increasingly becoming less of a futuristic ideal and more of an everyday occurrence for many people. Whether we are using Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime in our personal lives or participating in Webex video-conferencing at work, it’s more common than ever to be able to see the person on the other end […]


Technology is for Everybody

Dr. Phyllis Egby, Assistant Professor of Education, is proof that you don’t have to be a tech star to be a super star who uses technology.  A self-described “low level” user of technology, Dr. Egby has developed pioneering video projects that have focused on providing support for faculty struggling to engage students from other disciplines and […]


Dial “6” To Get Out, Starting March 18

On Wednesday, March 18, the University will change the number to dial for an outside phone line from 9 to 6. After that date, callers will no longer be able to get an outside line by dialing 9. This change is being enacted in an effort to reduce inadvertent 911 calls. For any questions or […]

Heidi Senior

Findable is Not Usable

It’s a catch phrase for sure, but it’s also true.  While it’s easier than ever to find great visuals, awesome music, and video excerpts that are perfect for your presentation or project, it’s also more problematic than ever to use them.  New laws, licensing, and other restrictions present a complicated landscape to navigate when you’re […]


Screencast Using Media Space

Every UP student, faculty and staff member has access to Media Space (login through and can use the service to upload, store and share video in the cloud. But did you know that you can use the built in screen recorder functionality to capture your screen and voice?  This type of recording – known as […]


Tools for the Flipped Classroom

Mary Oakes, Associate Prof of Nursing, is known for her vibrant red hair, upbeat personality, and penchant for storytelling, often playing the parts of many different patients in the SIM lab which she manages or peppering her in-class sessions with tales from the trenches of being an Army nurse and an ER veteran.   She […]


WordPress Lab Starts This Wednesday

Academic Technology Services is proud to announce a new weekly lab time to work on WordPress sites. Starting Wednesday, Feb 18th, come on by the Information Services Training Lab in Franz Hall 010 and get help with your website or blog: we’ll cover posts, pages, menus, widgets, headers, themes, and anything else you need to […]


Flipping the Classroom to Make Room for People

Dr. Tanya Crenshaw, Associate Professor of Computer Science in the Shiley School of Engineering, talked with us recently about her passion for making videos for use in the classroom and for UP’s GreenDot program. Dr. Crenshaw favors a creative approach to video making including the use of props (like a box of toys) and her own freestyle drawings. In the podcast, she talks about the value-add for her students from her use of carefully selected online videos and tutorials as well as her own creations to free up some class time for more interaction.


Energy Trust Rewards UP For Upgrades, Sustainability Efforts

As part of information services efforts to centralize infrastructure management and lower costs, technical services has successfully virtualized a majority of campus servers and desktop infrastructure. This results in a more easily maintained environment with significantly lower energy usage in UP’s data center and at the desktop, a major step in the right direction for […]

U of P

Transcontinental Tutoring for Study Abroad Students

University of Portland recently expanded its study-abroad options for Engineering majors from a short week during the summer term to a full Spring semester in Salzburg, Austria.  Engineering students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture and language of Austria while staying on track to graduate with their UP classmates by taking advantage of courses offered […]

New employee and staff portraits

Bridging Gaps in Today’s Classroom

Big changes lie ahead for Oregon students as new computer-based testing goes into effect later this year.  All students, elementary through high school, will be taking the new tests on a common platform in their own schools despite the wide variance in technology infrastructure and support from school to school. Preparing teacher candidates to handle […]

Tammy VanDeGrift

Making the Engineering Classroom Welcoming for All

Engineering classrooms can feel intimidating to many people, but Dr. Tammy VanDeGrift, Associate Dean and Associate professor in the Shiley School of Engineering, is aiming to make sure they are places where all students feel welcomed.  She is  working on a Dundon-Berchtoldt project about creating a more inclusive environment in engineering classrooms. “The lack of diversity […]

Japantown PDX

Creating Student-Driven Content for the World

Peter Pappas, adjunct instructor with the School of Education, sees himself as a designer of learning experiences.  He identifies instructional goals and then searches for tools that will help him meet those goals.  He and his students have collaborated to produce some of the most downloaded history books on iTunes in addition to many blogs […]


ATS Workshop: Introduction to the Moodle Gradebook

Academic Technology Services is happy to begin offering face-to-face training workshops in our dedicated training lab located in Franz Hall. The first of these will be a Moodle workshop covering the basics of the Moodle gradebook. Since it’s the beginning of the semester, many faculty members are busy getting their gradebooks in order. Now is […]

Eric Anctil headshot

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole with Tablets and Phones

We might be sitting next to each other in class, but we can be inhabiting completely different social spaces, according to Eric Anctil, Director for Innovation at UP’s Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.  Anctil, Associate Professor of Education, has been observing classroom behavior for nearly two decades and takes the role of “provocateur” in […]


Media for the Classroom

Ted Talks, You Tube videos, film clips, and other media excerpts have become ubiquitous in most classrooms.  This week on the podcast we’re talking about some popular tech tools used to create media in the classroom.  We also demystify terms like slidecasting, screencasting, and podcasting.  Finally, we rave about some of the mobile apps we’ve […]