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Est-ce que vous voudriez étudier en France?!

The University offers multiple Study Abroad programs for the semester or for the summer to pursue a French Studies major!

1. Nantes

IES offers a semester long study abroad experience in Nantes, the sixth largest city in France. This city is home to a major seaport to the Loire River making it a vastly large commercial and technological center. For the history buffs, Nantes is also home to the signing of the Edit of Nantes by King Henry IV which gave Protestants the freedom of photo aerienne basse altitude de l ile de Versailles a nantes. photo de l erdre en centre ville, quai et peniches des bords de l erdre. quai henri Barbusse, tour bretagne, ligne de tramway no 2religion and ended several years of religious war. This city is also home to the Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne which was the castle of the Dukes of Brittany where Francois the Second, Duke of Brittany, and his daughter Anne (who was Queen of France from 1491 to 1514) lived. Fun fact, the weather in Nantes is typically sunnier than Paris! In fact, in 2004, Nantes was named “the most livable city in Europe!” For those eco-friendly, this city also holds the title of the European Green Capital for the city’s efforts to reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. For more information about studying abroad in Nantes and living with a host family, click here!

2. Arles

If you only want to study abroad in the summer, IES offers the summer study abroad program in Arles, France. In Arles, you get to learn about French culture while living with a host family! This city is known for its long history as being the Roman province of Gallia Narbonenesis. For those who love art, this city was also home to Vincent van Gogh from Arles1888 to 1889. During this time, he created over 300 paintings. These are just a few of the unique features that makes Arles an interesting place to study. In Arles, you would be able to take classes on the French language, the history of photography, the history of theater, or even sociology. Day trips abroad could involve travelling to Avignon, le Pont du Gard, la Camargue, or les Baux de Provence! For more information on studying abroad in Arles, click here!

3. Paris

C’est la vie! IES offers a semester long or summer long study abroad experience in Paris! Situated on the Seine river, Paris is home to a population of over 12 million residents. Paris had become the largest city in the western world by the twelfth century and by the eighteenth century, it had become the center stage for the French Revolution. Now Paris Parisis known as an important center of finance, the arts, fashion, science, commerce, and of course, tourism. Studying abroad in Paris offers the chance to take courses that explore the French language, the diverse history, and the culture by total immersion. Studying abroad in Paris opens your world to a plethora of fabulous museums, an abundance of history, and a city life filled with Parisians and tourists. For more information on studying abroad in Paris, click here!

For more information on studying abroad and the requirements to pursue a major in French Studies, click here! For any questions about studying abroad in France, e-mail

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