French Restaurants

Looking for French food in Portland? Look no further! Here are some of the popular French eateries in Portland!

1. Petite Provence

When a small group of friends banded together with their love of food and pastries from their home country of France, Petite Provence came to life. Since 1996, this little bakery has been growing and quickly found its place right at home in our hearts. This charming boulangerie offers food for every meal spanning from buttery croissants to delectable cheese to mouth watering desserts. To see the rest of the menu, click here!

2. Chez Machin

Looking for the ambiance of a typical French bistro and the chance to speak French? Check out Chez Machin, home to some of the best crepes in Portland! Their crepes span anywhere from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert crepes. To check out their menu, click here! (Don’t worry, we will take you straight to the dessert crepes menu!)

3. Cocotte

To find a little bit of Paris in Portland, check out Cocotte! This bistro and bar offers the perfect blend of European style, everyday luxury, and the notorious Pacific Northwest localism. This bistro is most well-known for its signature Poulet en Cocotte dish. For more information about this bistro, click here!

4. Le Pigeon

If you are in the mood for a classier French restaurant, le pigeon is the place for you. Only open in the evenings, this place makes itself a must visit at least once. To see their menu, click here.

5. Little Bird Bistro

A sister restaurant to le pigeon, this little bistro provides a perfect alternative with just as delicious assortments of food. Stop in for lunch, dinner, desserts, or drinks! Just this past year, a chef won People’s Choice Award of second place for the NW Food and Wine Fest Charcuterie Competition and we are lucky enough to have this little place just downtown.

5. St. Honore Boulangerie

This rustic bakery mixes the perfect blend of the northwest with French culture. Sit down and enjoy some delicious bread and cafe au lait while embracing the atmosphere of the old world French charms. This casual bakery is warm and inviting while allowing the customers to embrace traditional French baking traditions. To find what’s calling your name from this delicious bakery, check out their menu!

6. Le Bouchon 

 To truly experience an authentic French dining experience, visit le bouchon. With a menu and a chef with over 45 years of experience, you’re guaranteed to find some of France’s most popular dishes on the menu where everything is made fresh and to your liking.

7. Suzette

What started off as a food cart quickly turned itself into a creperie and dessert cafe. This creperie quickly made its home in Portland and in the hearts of many residents. For more crepes and the famous crepe suzette click here! In fact, the crepe suzette has an interesting history, so if you are curious as to why it is called the suzette, click here.

8. Nuvrei

For a little bakery specializing in coffee, sandwiches, and patisseries, Nuvrei is the place for you. This little bakery is open for breakfast and lunch providing a casual French environment to enjoy delicious sandwiches and treats. To see their menu, click here!

Note: These are not all of the French restaurants, just some popular ones around Portland to get you started in indulging in French food!

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