French Events

Here are some of the events we typically have throughout the school year!

Cheese Tastings

If you can’t guess what we do at this event, we chat and eat cheese! Here are a few of the cheeses we eat and some of their histories!

  • Brie
    • A very mild creamy cheese that typically appeals to anyone who does not enjoy a strong taste.
  • Camembert
    • A soft cheese originating from Normandy making its way quickly to the top of the list as the most famous French cheese.
  • Roquefort
    • Originating in the south of France, this blue cheese with a very characteristic odor that is hard to miss making it one of the best known in the world.
  • Boursin
    • With a texture similar to cream cheese, this cheese was first created by Francois Boursin in Normandy in 1957. Boursin was inspired by the traditional fresh cheese dish that he sought to create his own made from a bowl of garlic and fine herbs.
  • Reblochon
    • This French cheese is produced straight from the Alps and while it was also produced in the Italian areas of the Alps, this cheese has received the AOC title meaning it is always and only French.
  • Munster
    • Ever wonder where this strong cheese got its name? Well it wasn’t from monsters! This cheese was produced in France and conserved to mature in the cellars of monks locked in the Alsace town of Munster.
  • Epoisses
    • Named after the village this cheese is produced, this cheese is a cow’s milk cheese. Typically coming in a circular box with a soft red-orange hue, this cheese was one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorites.

Movie Nights

  • When it’s cold outside or we need to relax, we gather together to watch a movie. Not just any movie, however, a French movie!

Study Sessions

Studying French at UP? Feel like you need a little help for that next test? Come on down and we will help you study! We welcome all levels and love for tons of people to show up so you can practice speaking with each other!

Le Carnaval

  • About
    • Carnaval is a holiday well known in many countries including European, Asian, Latin American, and all around the world.
    • Officially, Carnaval begins on January 6th, also known as Epiphany day. The end of the celebration occurs on Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday.
    • During this time, everyone dresses up in masks and dances, sings, and has a good time overall while eating many delicious foods before you have to give them up such as donuts, cookies, cakes, crepes,and more.
  • Most well-known Carnavals
    • Nice, France
    • Venice, Italy
    • Rio de Janiero, Brazil
    • New Orleans, Louisiana

French Culture

Ever wondered how the French celebrate holidays compared to the United States? During these events, we typically pick a holiday and discuss the big differences and the history of that holiday. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, April 1st, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday, you will learn how the French celebrate these days and how they are significant to their culture.

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