On the Road

Would your campus or group like to dive in to the REFLECT system for institutional change? We are excited to work with other schools that may be interested in testing our process. We have several options to train groups at other campuses.

  1. Introduction to REFLECT. This option is typically one day and provides a short overview of the program. It can be focused on the peer observation protocol or evidence based practices depending on your campus needs.
  2. REFLECT Basics. This option is typically one and a half days and provides training on both the peer observation protocol and evidence based practices.
  3. REFLECT STEM Innovation Institute. This option is typically four days with time built in for course planning, peer observation training, and team building. At the end of this program your campus will have a team of STEM leaders ready to implement the REFLECT program across campus. Due to the length of the training this option is schedule dependent.

Each training option includes specific time with your leadership team.

Would you like more information? Fill in the form at this link and we will get back to you as soon as possible.