The World’s 1st 3D Printed Car

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Back in January, Local Motors revealed its newest project: a 3d printed car. And now that the Digital Lab has its own 3D printer, you too could print your own car! Well, a model car that is. Stop by the Digital Lab to check out our 3D printer. Want more information about the Local Motors’ 3D printed Car? Click here for the link to the article and video.

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Spaces Available for Summer Workshops

Interested in learning about InDesign or Illustrator? There is still time to sign up for these summer workshops in the Digital Lab! All workshops are free to current students, faculty, and staff.

Click here now to register for the upcoming sessions!

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Register for Summer Workshops today!

Hello all Students, Staff and Faculty!

The Digital Lab’s Summer Workshop series is a day away, beginning tomorrow July 7th, continuing with workshops until July 29th.

If you are looking for the opportunity to learn something new or hone in on some software skills within iMovie, Photoshop and more, register today!

Follow this link to secure your spot. Spaces are limited as registration fills up.

Happy Summer!

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Video Highlight: Amsterdam Showing it’s 3D Printing Prowess

New technology out of Denmark: 3D printing an entire bridge in mid-air. Below is short video explaining the process that has gone into this idea and the beginning of the process ahead:

With the applications of 3D printing expanding daily and worldwide, does this video inspire ideas within your mind of what could be the next big 3D print?

The Digital Lab has a 3D printer available for all Student, Faculty and Staff use, so come on in and start visualizing those ideas in 3D today!

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Congratulations Grads!

To University of Portland Seniors,

As your final year on the Bluff comes to an end, a celebration to commemorate all that you have accomplished while on the University of Portland campus is just beginning!


So here is to you grads! Thank you for your time here on the Bluff and congratulations on your next big step!

Digital Lab Staff