The mindset of creativity and empathy in the interdisciplinary collaboration of transforming ideas into meaning and value.

The Innovation Minor (INV) provides a formal structure to introduce and develop the innovative mindset that focuses on problem-solving through creativity and design, empathy, hands-on making, and collaboration. The program is open to all majors and concentrations creating spaces for interdisciplinary collaboration and opportunities for students to push the boundaries of their areas of interest.  

The future is a tense constantly in motion. Practices of engagement, social inequities, technological advancements, environmental change: everything in this world has been designed. Students today must be fearless, critical, and deeply engaged in dialogues that instigate future realities.

The Innovation Minor is a four-course program shaped by the many practices found within design. The program pulls the best methods from experience design, creative technology, critical making, and human-centered design, to develop students into fearless collaborators who uncover latent needs, discover problems, and challenge the status quo. Students who join the INV Program develop the design-centered skillsets of design strategy, creative storytelling, making and prototyping, and ethnographic fieldwork.

Through project-based coursework embedded with experiential learning opportunities with industry partners; INV students investigate wicked problems in the micro-context of UP, create alternate realities to envision new perspectives, influence community change in the Portland area, and invent useful solutions for individuals with specific needs.

Students who complete the innovation program discover what lies at the intersection of their major or academic discipline and the innovative mindset. They go on to trail blaze new practices and positions in stagnant pockets of engineering, nursing, business, education, and the arts and sciences. Students who complete the innovation program may find themselves sparking independent practices, joining major technology and innovation firms, creating new cultures of design-driven practices at nonprofit organizations, or inventing new job positions in your everyday professional field.

Are you ready to share your ideas with the world?

– Salvador Orara, Innovation Professor of Practice | Director of Innovation

Yes! How do I apply?

Students who are interested in pursuing the Innovation Minor are required to complete and submit the Innovation Minor Application. Email us with any questions, comments, or to join our mailing list for news and updates: innovation@up.edu

Click here to submit your application.

Innovation Advisory Board

The Innovation Advisory Board is comprised of university staff members and faculty representing each School and College on campus. Students who are currently enrolled or have questions about the program are welcome to contact their respective representatives. Faculty and staff are welcomed to do the same.

Salvador Orara, Innovation Professor of Practice / Director of Innovation
Shaz Vijlee, Associate Dean, Shiley School of Engineering
Ben Root, Associate Director of Major Gifts
Jennette Lovejoy, Associate Professor, College of Arts & Sciences
Ian Parkman, Associate Professor, Pamplin School of Business
Tim Doughty, Professor, Shiley School of Engineering
Benjamin Gallegos, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Kelly Fox, Assistant Professor, School of NursingĀ 

As of Academic Year 20-21