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Welcome to sites.up.edu. This is the homepage for the University of Portlands multisite network of WordPress sites.


To access sites that you are a member of, make sure to login if you aren’t already, and hover your mouse over “My Sites” in the upper left hand corner of your web browser.

WordPress Update Aug. 2019 – Gutenberg is here

With the new version of WordPress comes a new and updated content creation experience. The traditional “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” text editor has been replaced with a new block-based page building editor codenamed “Gutenberg.” This gives you, as a WordPress content creator, more flexibility and control over the look and layout of your site than ever before. For further info please see this excellent primer video on Lynda.com.

Not ready to switch?

portrait of Johannes Gutenberg

If you are a site admin and feel you or your site contributors are not ready to move to the new editor, the “Classic” editor can be restored for you on a site-by-site basis. Please fill out the form linked below with the full URL of the site to request the Classic editor.

For any questions, concerns, or to request training on using the new editor, please contact atsi@up.edu.