What is OTM?

The Operations and Technology Management (OTM) major offered by the Robert B. Pamplin Jr. School of Business Administration at the University of Portland was specifically designed by faculty and an advisory board of regional executives to meet the complex demands of modern business operations. We started the undergraduate OTM major in 2008 and, since the program’s inception, our graduates have been hired by many of the top companies in the region and across a wide-variety of industries. The Master of Science in OTM (MSOTM) program  was launched in 2014 in response to demand for a graduate version of our successful program.

The OTM curriculum is designed to develop the skills needed to manage and improve business operations through the integrated use of theories and methods from both operations management and information technology (IT). Our approach, integrating knowledge from operations management and technology management disciplines to achieve real business value is the hallmark of this program.

Undergraduate OTM students take required courses in operations management, supply chain management, systems analysis and design, project management, and decision modeling. Elective courses in business analytics, optimization, database management, process analysis and quality management, simulation, project management certification, inventory management, etc. offer opportunities for students to see interconnections among operations management, quantitative methods, and IT management and provide the foundation for informed decision-making through the use of analytical models. Please see our undergraduate OTM curriculum here.

Our MSOTM program is designed with the same philosophy for business professionals with an OTM background who wish to increase their understanding and ability to leverage advanced theory, analytical methods, and technology in their careers, as well as those with backgrounds in other areas who aspire to develop skills that will open doors in many OTM-related careers.

There is tremendous demand for OTM graduates in both manufacturing and service industries. Graduates from our OTM programs have accepted positions as business analysts, business systems analysts, project managers, operations managers, supply chain managers, business intelligence analysts/ managers, market research analysts, procurement managers, product developers, product managers, IT managers, etc. Our graduates are now working for companies such as Nike, Amazon, KPMG, Adidas, Boeing, Craftbrew, etc.

OTM hiring companies.
Companies hiring Operations and Technology Management Professionals.

Our OTM faculty is known for their teaching and research excellence. Together with our OTM Executive Advisory Board (EAB), consisting of more than a dozen local executives in Operations and IT, the faculty continuously reviews the program curriculum to ensure our continuing ability to meet the needs of businesses and students. Additionally, the EAB members meet frequently with OTM students and provide mentoring opportunities. The UP Operations management association (UPOMA), a student-led club provides a number of networking opportunities for OTM students. In addition, we have scholarship opportunities exclusively for OTM students including the SIM-PDX annual scholarships, the OTM-EAB scholarship and the OTM Faculty Scholarship.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact Lilia Grundy at grundy@up.edu