Yuri Ramirez

Yuri W. Ramirez

Yuri W. Ramirez is currently working in the semiconductor industry as part of Intel’s Software and Services Group (SSG) as a Technical Program Manager, overseeing strategic planning initiatives for the Analyzers Management and Engineering division.

Previously he was the Business Operations Manager for Intel’s Foundry business, which involves defining and executing strategy and solutions that improve engineering efficiency.

Additionally, his experience includes 10 years with Intel’s R&D Division as a Facilities Engineer and Program Manager, which involved identifying, presenting and solving multifaceted problems that occur at Intel’s manufacturing facilities. Yuri also has experience in the translation of very complex technical/engineering principles – such as capacity planning, process efficiency, and automation issues – for executive oversight.

Previously his experience included project management  in healthcare, hardware, telecommunications industries as well as academic teaching in engineering economics. Yuri is also bilingual in English and Spanish.

Specialty areas include the Identification of issues through automated processes, cost analysis/estimation, integration of software, and standardization of processes, business process mapping, and program management.

His advice to students is:
“Seeking advice and help is not a weakness, it is a strength. Let others help you, and commit yourself to help others. Everybody wins when we help each other.”

Some of his favorite quotes are:
“Do or do not, there is no try.”
“OTM, A program created by the Industry for the Industry.”
“What are you waiting for? You’re faster than this. Don’t think you are, know you are.”

Yuri is also a big Star Wars and Matrix fan.

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