Chris DeGallier

A business leader with 25 plus years  of proven success improving and optimizing operational, financial and compliance performance, by leading teams and cross-functional personnel through collaboration, coaching  and servant leadership.  Excels in identifying areas for process improvements and implementing critical changes to minimize risk, improve top- and bottom-line results, and lift operations/service quality.  Professional experience includes publicly traded, not-for-profit, private, and startup companies.  Also has experience in merger and acquisitions and divestiture settings.

Chris is a long time resident of the area, has two grown daughters who live and work in the Portland/Vancouver area, one grandson and a granddaughter.  He is married to his best friend and partner, Wendy for more than 12 years.

Testimonial of the work our UP OTM Students have done for him:
“I have personally experienced the benefits of having interns from the University of Portland Operational and Technology Program work on several improvement initiatives, which returned recurring and non-recurring benefits in the millions of dollars.  They were well prepared to hit the ground running and brought with them requisite skills needed to deliver the highest level of benefit to those initiatives where I had the opportunity to work alongside them.  Eager to learn and dedicated to those tasks assigned are common traits of those interns I worked with.”

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