Emeritus Board Members

Chris Adamek

Chris is currently the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Columbia Brand at Columbia Sportswear Company. Previously, Chris was the Vice President and Chief of Staff at Columbia. He has been with Columbia Sportswear for over a year. Chris is a organizational transformation leader working towards delivering tangible results from complex and strategic business issues.

Jackie Barretta

Jackie is currently the VP & CIO at Willamette University. Jackie has an extensive background as being a CIO. While she has been at Willamette University for over 3 years, previously she was a CIO at Con-way for 15 years and CIO Consultant at Nura Group, LLC for 6 years. Jackie continues to show her showcase her skills in process improvement, management, and leadership.

Hank Bartos

Hank is the VP of Enterprise Operations at XPO Logistics, Inc. He has been with XPO Logistics for 35 years, showing his dedication and passion for logistics. Hank continues to utilize his strengths in transportation management, freight, and logistics management.

Ben Berry*

Ben is the Executive VP of Information Technology and CIO at Bonneville Power Administration for 2 years. Ben is also a U.S. Air Force Honorary Commander for the U.S. Air Force 142nd Fighter Wing. He is the CEO and Chief Digital Officer at AirShip Technologies Group Inc for over 8 years. Ben is on many Board of Directors including Central City Concern and Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. He is a strategic technology leader and is skilled in strategic planning, process improvement, and innovation.

Michael Carr

Michael is currently the VP, IS Technology & CISO at Legacy Health. Previously, he was the VP, IS Technology at Legacy Health where he led the infrastructure, end user computing, information security, collaboration and business intelligence teams. Michael has worked with Legacy Health for over 4 years, where he continues to show strong skills in process improvement, innovation by leveraging technology, and leadership.

JJ Crane

JJ is currently the Research/Intelligence Manager III at Hewlett-Packard. He has been with Hewlett-Packard for 17 years in various positions including Metrics and Reporting Analyst and Channel Inventory Analyst/Forecaster, Program Manager, and NPI Program Manager. JJ continues to utilize his strengths in competitive analysis, management, and strategy throughout his career.

Chris Dill*

Chris is currently the Vice President of Business Development at Venuetize for the past 5 years. Chris is also the President of Chris Dill IT Sports Consulting for over 8 years. He has 27 years of experience in the Sports and Entertainment on the technology side and has a passion for the sports industry and how to improve customer experience through technology.

Kevin Donnelly

Kevin is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Vetta Brands. Kevin is also the Supply Chain & Operations Consultant at Donnelly Consulting where he specializes in Direct to Consumer, Retail, Digital and Omni-Channel. Kevin is great strengths in cross-functional team leadership, supply chain, and management.

Matt Fitzpatrick

Matt is a project manager at EMPS LLC.

Manoj Garg

Manoj is currently the CEO and Managing Partner at Virtual Information Executives. Manoj is the founder at Virtual Information Executives where he strives to help clients drive business performance through technology leadership. Throughout his company’s 13 plus years, Manoj utilizes his strengths in IT strategy, program management, and strategic planning.

Bob Goetz*

Bob is currently the Vice President of Application Services at Kaiser Permanente. He has worked with Kaiser for over 8 years, holding various VP positions including VP of Healthy Plan Application Services, Disaster Recovery & IT Resiliency Management,  and VP of Health Plan and Regional Applications. Throughout these roles, Bob has utilized his skills in IT service management and strategic planning.

Keith Jacobson*

Keith is currently a Director at KJAKE Consulting focusing on supply chain and strategy consulting. His prior experience was as a Senior Director of Operations at SHOE Fabrik for over a year, Senior Director of Supply Chain Improvement and Operational and Strategic Leader at Columbia Sportswear for over 5 years, Head of Supply Chain Adidas for over 8 years, and Director of Apparel Operations at Nike for 5 years. Keith continues to utilize his skills and knowledge of Supply Chain Management and Strategy. Keith has been an EAB Member since 2013.

Tom Keenan*

Tom is currently a Board Member for Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation Advisory Board. Tom is also a retired CEO and President of Portland Bottling Company, a position he held for 16 years. He has a great amount of experience and expertise in the Food and Beverage Industry. Tom has strong skills in strategic planning, marketing strategy, and management. He is now enjoying his time with his family and acting as an advisor on the Board of the Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation.

Joshua Klein

Joshua is currently the Manager of Enterprise Data Governance at NWEA. Joshua also has a great deal of experience as a Chief Information Officer at Portland Public Schools for 4 years and at Oregon Department of Education for over 3 years. Joshua is a technology leader and manger with a passion to empower people by improving access to information and servant leadership. He is high skilled in Portfolio/ Project Management, IT, and Education Management to name a few.

Lance Kuehne

Lance is currently the Director of Human Resources, specifically the Central Gulf Supply Chain at PepsiCo. Lance has been with PepsiCo for over 29 years holding a variety of human resource roles including HR Manager Generalist and Director of Human Resources for the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington Area. Throughout his time at PepsiCo, Lance continued to show his skills in human resources, succession planning, and personnel management.

Greg Martin

Greg is currently a Consultant at Xelns where he supports digital technology innovation and secure integration in manufacturing, healthcare, and financial service for 3 years. Previously, Greg was the Chief Technology Officer at Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the VP and CIO at KinderCare Education. Through these role, Greg focused on IT strategies and innovation software solutions, showing his passion for transforming companies by focusing the impact of IT. Greg was on the EAB for the OTM department in 2015

Rick McClain*

Rick is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer at Milwaukee Electronics. He has been with Milwaukee Electronics for 7 years. Previously, Rick was the CFO at Grant & Roth Plastics for 6 years and General Manager at MEC Northwest for 16 years. Through these roles, Rick utilized his skills in process improvement, forecasting, and strategic planning. Rick was on the EAB for the OTM department from 2012 to 2015.

Kevin Mowrey

Kevin is currently the Enterprise Information Services Manager at Milwaukee Electronics. He’s been with Milwaukee Electronics since 2010. Over the years, Kevin has been heavily involved in the ongoing operations of the company’s ERP, MES, Business Intelligence, and collaboration systems. Today he manages them across the company’s multi-national sites.

Fred Pond*

Fred is a Retired Chief Information Officer but still stays connected as a CIO Consultant and Advisor. He has worked in business and technology for 37 years and now is enjoy life with his family, hobbies, and volunteerism. He is on the Regional Leadership Forum where he is dedicated to delivering leadership development opportunities. Previous positions include: Columbia Sportswear as VP/CIO for 7years, North Pacific as CIO for 4 years, and Schnitzer Steel Industries as Director of Information Technology for over 8 years, to list a few.

Laura Schultz

Laura is currently the Director of IT and PMO at Johnstone Supply, Corporate, a position she has held for 17 years. She is also the Strategic E-PMO at Johnstone Supply Inc. Laura always carries a collaborative approach when leading teams and strategic initiatives. Throughout her career she has developed an expertise in project/program management and change leadership.

Tom Sedory

Tom is the Director of Information Technology at Nike for the past 12 years. Tom has been with Nike for 26 years in various management positions including Senior Information Technology Manager for 5 years and Technical Lead for 9 years. Throughout Tom’s career he continues to utilize his skills and knowledge in cross-functional team leadership, IT strategy, and project management.

Praveen Sharabu

Praveen is currently the Senior Director of Engineering at The Standard where he oversees the delivery of foundational IT support services to IT to IT Application Delivery Teams and collaborates on IT strategies. Praveen has great experience in executive management, strategic planning, and leadership  through experience as the CBU Division VP at Atos for 11 months and the various Senior and Director roles at Con-Way, Inc for over 15 years. Praveen was on an EAB member in 2014.

Cara Snitker

Cara is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Oregon Catholic Press for over 4 years. Previously she was the Chief Information Officer at Oregon Catholic Press for 7 years. As an Operations and Technology Executive, Cara has extensive knowledge of strategic planning, performance management, and project/portfolio management.

Sherry Swachhamer

Sherry is currently retired from Multnomah County Oregon, where she was the Chief Information Officer and Director of Department of County Assets. Sherry worked with Multnomah County Oregon for over 15 years where she showcased her skills in Project/Program Management and Public Speaking.

Kelly TaylorKelly Taylor-Northrop

Kelly is currently the Director of IT NAM Transformation at Adidas. Kelly has been with Adidas for over 16 years in various management roles including Director of Business Solutions and Senior IT Manager for Sales and Marketing. Throughout her time at Adidas, she has proven her skills in retail and marketing strategy, forecasting, and leadership.

Duene Ternes*

Duane is currently the Vice President of Information Technology at The Greenbrier Companies. He has been with The Greenbrier Companies for over 12 years, where he continues to display skills in project management, vendor management, and data centered solutions.

Wilson Zorn*

Wilson is currently the Senior Enterprise Architect for Adidas Group. He has been with Adidas for over 32 years, utilizing his strengths in IT strategy, enterprise software, and enterprise architecture.

*Founding Member