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The Pamplin School of Business is proud to announce the availability of the Andy and Nancy Bryant Fellowships. Available to selected students accepted into the MBA in Nonprofit Management program, the Bryant Fellowship will support the development of the essential skills needed to lead nonprofit organizations in the Northwestern United States.

With an understanding of the critical role nonprofit organizations play in building and maintaining the health of our community, the Bryant Fellowships were created to support the development of the essential skills needed to lead nonprofit organizations in the Northwestern United States.

Through the Bryant’s generosity, the Pamplin School has the ability to help a number of MBA in Nonprofit Management students in upcoming cohorts meet part of their financial obligations. In order to obtain the Bryant Fellowship, qualified graduate students need to follow the procedures and deadlines outlined below:

How to Apply. Submit the following materials:

a.  Letter of Application explaining how your background and career aspirations fit the purpose for which the Bryant Fellowships were created.

b. Submit a copy of the confirmation page from FAFSA (

c. If you have additional financial circumstances you would like taken into consideration, you may include a personal statement explaining your situation with the application materials. Please note this personal statement is optional.

d. Include a separate signed Information Release stating: ‘I authorize the University of Portland to release financial aid information, such as award information, EFC, financial need, and cost of attendance, to the Bryant Fellowship Board.”
You must sign this statement.

Where to Apply. Submit your materials to: or mail to:
University of Portland
Pamplin School of Business, MBA in Nonprofit Management
5000 N. Willamette Blvd.,
Portland, OR  97203

When to Apply. In order to apply for a Bryant Fellowship, you must submit all materials by May 15th.

Selection process: A three-member board will review the information submitted by each applicant. The board will award Fellowships based on merit and financial need. Merit is determined following a review of the applicant’s Letter of Application, career performance and trajectory, and MBA program application materials, while need is determined jointly by the University financial aid department (based on FAFSA application) and the board (following consideration of the optional personal statement noted above in ‘how to apply’). Students will be notified of their award as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that funds are limited, but we are committed to helping those in need to the greatest extent possible. Bryant Fellowships are a form of financial aid. There is no obligation to repay the university. It is, however, always prudent to check with your tax adviser on the implications of such aid.

Fellowship Responsibilities: 1. Maintain at least a 3.0 semester GPA in accordance with the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy; 2. Act as an ambassador for the Pamplin Business School at events promoting the MBA in Nonprofit program.

Melissa McCarthy, MBA Program Director
Melissa McCarthy, MBA Program Director

Questions? Meet Melissa McCarthy, our MBA Program Director, Associate Director of Graduate Business Partnerships. She can assist you with any questions regarding enrollment, admission or program details, please feel free to email her at or call her at 503.943.7225