Alumni Bulletin, February 1966

Pilots Choose Their Own Course

Each year the University of Portland is able to tout the quality and promise of the arriving First Year class.  Each year the University is at pains to distinguish that our measure of ‘quality’ is not derived from GPAs or SAT test scores (;  The University of Portland’s measure is the whole person, and […]

Repair in Progress, 2015

Broken Wall Memorial is Broken

The Broken Wall Memorial located between Christie and Howard Halls is currently broken and under repair. The veterans’ memorial has been an evolving site.  The first element is the Praying Hands segment, dedicated in 1948 as memorial and tribute for members of the UP family who served in World War II– the names of those […]

Martha at the Computer, December 2006 (University Archives -- Click to enlarge photo)

In Memory of Martha Wachsmuth: April 30, 1921- May 4, 2015

Former archivist assistant and long-time University employee, Martha Wachsmuth, passed away on the morning of May 4, 2015 at 94 years of age.   The University Archives and Museum mourn her passing while remembering Martha for her faithful service to the University for 41 years, retiring in September 2012 at the age of 91! Martha came […]

2005 (University Archives)

A Given Life: A Center for Social Concern

Reverend Richard Berg, C.S.C. is a Portland native, attending Columbia Prep ’54 for high school, Notre Dame for seminary, and the University of Portland for a PhD in Psychology ’69.  The career circle coming full and fulfilled by serving as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1978-1991; and as emeritus professor since […]

Cannons in front of Science Hall, Chemistry Annex in background, 1958 (University Archives, click to enlarge)

Cannons on the Bluff

One of the Frequently Asked Questions posed to the University Archives and University Museum blog is “Who moved / Where are the CANNONS?” A fixture on the Bluff for nearly 60 years, two vintage United States Army Ordnance Department guns were brought to campus through the efforts of physics professor, Brother Godfrey Vassallo, C.S.C.  One […]


2015 Retiring University Faculty

At the end of the 2014-15 academic year, five members of the University of Portland faculty will retire after many years of service to this institution, making a difference in the lives of untold number of students.    The University gives thanks to our retiring faculty for their dedication and commitment to teaching and learning […]

Rev. John Molter, C.S.C., 1948  (University Archives photo, click to enlarge image)

A Given Life: Return on Investment

In the 1950s Rev. John Molter, C.S.C. (1905-1960) created a campus botanical garden beside Christie Hall.  Planted with his own hands, working together with students, the wild-flowers gathered representatives from every section of the state.  A zoologist by training, Fr. Molter was a man of science, inspirational in both the lab and classroom.  But in […]