Viewing Course Logs

Step 1

Sometimes it may be necessary to identify what actions a student has taken in your course, for instance if they have attempted to do an activity or upload an assignment. To assist in this process, Moodle keeps logs of users’ actions. These logs are available for up to 6 months. You can view the logs associated with each of your course pages, by following the process below.

Step 2

When the Course Administration menu opens, click the Reports tab.

Step 3

On the Reports tab, click the Logs option.

Step 4

On the next screen, you can select several different options to help pinpoint the logs you want:

  1. Participants
  2. Days
  3. Activities
  4. Actions (such as create, delete, etc)

Moodle will then return the requested information, which can be downloaded via a .CSV file in Excel if needed. Note: the less specific your log request, the longer it will take for Moodle to return the data, so it is advisable to try to pinpoint the results as much as possible. This will also make locating the information you need within the log easier while you are reviewing it.