Using the VoiceThread Activity

Moodle’s integration with VoiceThread offers a way to work with a variety of files including documents, photo, and video in an interactive manner. In addition to allowing instructors to grade assignments and offer video feedback on a student’s submission, VoiceThread also offers a way for students to make submissions which can then be discussed by their classmates, both through text comments as well as video. As well as being accessed via your Moodle page, you can also connect directly to VoiceThread on your My Apps Portal page (

Getting Started:

To add a VoiceThread to your course, do the following:

  1. Go to your course, and turn editing on
  2. Click “Add an activity or resource” in the section of your course where you wish to put the VoiceThread activity
  3. Select “External Tool” from the list
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Name your VoiceThread activity
  6. In the “Prconfigured Tool” drop down, select “VoiceThread”
  7. Set grading options and any other desired options.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save and Display” to be taken to the activity to complete the additional setup of your individual VoiceThread activity

To get to know the different options you will see when you arrive at the VoiceThread setup screen, we recommend starting with parts 2-4 of VoiceThread’s Moodle HowTo (Important note: Part 1 refers to setup options that are not replicated in our environment, so do make sure that you have followed the steps above instead before viewing the rest of the HowTo guide).

Once you have created your VoiceThread, you will find that their website has a rich variety of support materials and online workshops to help you learn to use VoiceThread for your courses. ATSI is also available for your support needs regarding troubleshooting and training while using VoiceThread for your courses.

For students who are not familiar with VoiceThread, we recommend VoiceThread’s VoiceThread Assignments for Students guide.

New Assignments are Coming in 2021!

VoiceThread will be adding new assignments and updating the old ones in 2021. You can try out the new experience now- check out VoiceThread’s guide on the new features for Instructors and Students.