Request a Merged Course


Oftentimes faculty who teach multiple sections of the same or related courses would prefer to manage two or more sections within one Moodle course. This can greatly simplify setup and management of your Moodle course materials. It can also increase the collaboration options for those courses that are cross-listed, since while students attend day to day with students registered under a different course listing, the default Moodle pages don’t allow them to interact for group activities or forums.

Request Form

Faculty can easily request a merged course by filling out the form here: Course Combination Request Form.

Note: You can always find the request form when logged in to Moodle for the Moodle Support menu at the top of the page.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • As part of the merge process, we will hide the original pages for your combined course to prevent confusion on the part of students trying to find their assignments or grades. For instance, if we merge Math-101A & Math-101B into Math101-A&B, we would hide the individual A and the individual B section to prevent students from accessing them. If you do NOT want us to do this, please make a note on your request.
  • By default, merging classes does not bring over any material that you may have already saved to the individual course pages. You can use the Kickstart function to create a new blank course, start with the Common Course Format template, or bring over content from one of your other course shells.
  • We will create Moodle Groups of students in the combined course for each of the original sections. That can help you if you want to keep some elements of your course, like assignment due dates or discussion forums, separated. Please see Working with groups for more information.