Moodle 3.6 Dashboard Basics: How to Star (or Unstar) a Course

Step 1

After logging into Moodle via or directly at, you will land on your Dashboard. Locate the block titled Course Overview.

Locating the course overview block.

Step 2

Moodle allows you to favorite courses you will use frequently or want to refer back to using a method called Starring. To do so, choose the course which you wish to Star and locate the “. . .” icon.

Locating the ". . ." icon.

Step 3

Clicking the icon will reveal a menu. Select Star this course from the menu.

Selecting the option to Star a course.

Step 4

To easily view your Starred courses later, Expand the filters and click Starred.

Viewing your list of starred courses.

Step 5

If you no longer wish for a course to be starred, you can undo this by clicking the “. . .” again and selecting Unstar this Course.

Selecting the option to unstar a course.