Import/Export Quiz Bank Questions


It’s fairly straightforward to copy sets of Quiz questions between courses.

Step 1

Start off in the Moodle course from which you would like to copy questions:

Click the Gear icon, then More. On the More page, click Export under the Question Bank heading.

Step 2

Choose “Moodle XML format” and select the category you would like to copy from the “Export category” drop-down menu, then click the “Export questions to file” button.

Step 3

Save the file to your local machine.

Step 4

Go to the Moodle course to which you would like to copy the questions.

Step 5

In the “Administration” block, click on “Import” in the “Question bank” menu.

Step 6

Choose “Moodle XML format,” and make sure the “Default” course level category is chosen for the “Import category” drop-down menu.

Step 7

Click “Choose file…” to open the “File picker” window.

Step 8

In the “File picker” window, click “Choose File” to browse and select your exported Moodle questions file, then click “Upload this file.”

Step 9

Click “Import,” and you will see a preview of the imported questions.

Step 10

Click “Continue” to proceed to the category containing the imported questions.

NOTE: At this point, you have only copied the quiz questions, and must still create a new quiz and load in the copied questions.