Import the Common Course Format


ATSI has created a Common Course Format Template that faculty can import into their courses. This provides instructors with an easy head-start on structuring content in Moodle courses in a way that follows best practices for course design and accessibility. Once the template is imported, faculty can add their content to the available space, and modify the template elements to fit their own course design needs.

Video Overview

Step 1

Start in your blank course.

demonstrative screenshot

Step 2

Click the Gear icon in the upper right, and choose Import.

demonstrative screenshot

Step 3

On the Import screen, scroll down to the Search field. Search for Common Course.

demonstrative screenshot

Step 4

Select Common Course Format Template by checking the radio button, and click Continue.

demonstrative screenshot

Step 5

Click Jump to Final Step. Moodle may take a few moments to load the import data. Please be patient and don’t click anything else while the page loads.

Step 6

You should see a success message. Click Continue.

demonstrative screenshot


Your course should now contain the Common Course Format template elements. Turn editing on, and start adding in your materials.

demonstrative screenshot