How to rate student competencies in a course


Instructors can view and rate student competencies from within a course using the Competency Breakdown report. If the student has a Learning Plan that includes the competency, the rating in the Learning Plan will be updated.

Step 1

To access  Reports, click the gear icon on the Moodle course page, then More…

Step 2

On the next page, click on Competency breakdown in the Reports section.

Step 3

On the report page:

  • Use the Jump to user field to switch to viewing a different student
  • Click the name of the Competency for more information on that specific competency.
  • Click the Not rated link to view a summary any attached evidence or linked activities and rate the learner competency.

Step 4

On the summary screen, review the information and click Rate

Step 5

On the Rating dialogue box, you can assign a rating and add notes.


Your rating should be reflected in the learner’s Competency breakdown report.