Getting Started With Moodle


Moodle is an online course management system that students and faculty use to manage class email, announcements, assignments, PowerPoint presentations, online quizzes, online grading, course links, and discussion boards. Moodle provides students and faculty with the ability to continue the class experience outside of the classroom. With 24/7 availability faculty can create forums for students to post on and students can access class syllabi and other class resources. Thousands of UP students and faculty log on to Moodle each day.

Moodle Use-Cases

Below are some of the most common ways Moodle is used at UP to deliver technology-assisted, hybrid, or even fully online courses:

  • Post your syllabus online
  • Add articles, readings, lecture slides in any common file format (PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Pages, etc)
  • Link to readings or resources on the web
  • Facilitate online threaded discussions using Forums
  • Give online tests and quizzes
  • Collect assignments in a digital dropbox (save paper and keep organized!)
  • Create an online gradebook, giving students a current look at their grade in a course

There are several resources available to you as a UP faculty to learn more about using Moodle.

Training and Support

  • For an in-person training or orientation session on Moodle use, please contact Academic Technology Services & Innovation via email at – one of our staff would be happy to meet with you
  • You can search this Knowledge Base for Moodle articles which cover specific Moodle functions
  • UP offers LinkedIn Learning access for faculty, which offers in-depth video tutorials on Moodle as well as thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills
  • There are a great many other resources for Moodle freely available on the internet. An excellent place to get started is