Create a Turnitin Assignment


Turnitin is a plagiarism checking and writing help tool that is integrated into the Moodle assignment activity.

Step 1

With Editing turned on, click  Add an activity in the section of your course where you want to create the posting and choose Assignment. Click Add.

Moodle activity chooser

Step 2

Give the assignment a name, description, grade, due date, and other settings as normal. See the Create an Assignment Article for additional details on basic Assignment settings.

Step 3

In the assignment settings, locate the Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings. There are a number of settings you can customize to suit your preferences. To get started, change the Enable Turnitin option to Yes.

Step 4

Select what you want to have students’ submissions referenced against- note if you do not select anything the plugin will not be able to generate a Originality report. You can also set preferences for report timing and any items you want excluded from the reports.

Step 5

Click Save and return to course to save your work.