Create a Hypothesis Activity

Hypothesis extends the same type of highlighting and annotating that we use on printed out articles or Word docs to a digital, collaborative context on any public web page or to PDFs you upload. Initial research suggests that the social reading this technology allows can improve comprehension, foster deeper engagement, and encourage students to consider multiple perspectives. The Moodle integration allows easy use of this tool with students and facilitates grades from Hypothesis automatically syncing to the Moodle gradebook.

You can ask your students to mark up a recent scientific article, comment on the latest news in your field, or collaboratively a analyze a social media post – there are many interesting potential use-cases

Add A Hypothesis Enabled Reading in UP Moodle

  • Make sure editing in your course is on
  • Click Add an Activity or Resource in the section you want to add a reading to
  • Choose the Hypothesis activity and click Add
  • Give the activity a name and set the grade as desired (default is 100 points)
  • Click Save and Display
  • In the Hypothesis activity click Open in new window and enter the URL of the reading

Using the Hypothesis Tool in Moodle

For a step-by-step guide on using the tool, please see Hypothesis support:

More Hypothesis Resources