Bulk Download Student Assignment Submissions


This article demonstrates how submissions for a Moodle assignment can be downloaded in bulk as a ZIP file. This can be useful for faculty who wish to have access to submitted student work outside of Moodle while still collecting assignments online in a digital dropbox to take advantage of Moodle assignment functionality (collecting submissions in one place, timestamp of submission time, plagiarism check, saving paper, etc, etc).

For information about uploading your completed feedback files to Moodle, see the Uploading Bulk Feedback Files KB article.

Video Overview


Step 1

In your Moodle course, click into the assignment activity you want to get the submissions for.

Step 2

From the Grading Summary page for the assignment activity, click View/Grade All Submissions.

Step 3

Look at the Grading actions dropdown menu, choose Download all submissions.

Step 4

Depending on your browser, you will be prompted to choose a location on your computer to save a ZIP file, or the file will begin downloading to your default downloads location.

Either way, find the file and unzip it. You now have a folder containing all submissions to the assignment. You can read, grade, add feedback text or annotation, etc, as needed.

Important note: As long as you don’t change any of the filenames of the submission files, you will be able to bulk upload your feedback to the Moodle assignment, circumventing the need to upload feedback files individually.