Grade and Annotate Student Assignment Submissions


When students submit assignment files to Moodle assignments you can use the built-in viewer and editor to annotate them. You can add comments, highlight, or draw on student work from within Moodle.

Step 1

Visit the assignment and click the Grade option

Step 2

You should now see a student submission.

Using the toolbar you can:

  • add comments (which can be saved to a comments bank for re-use)
  • draw freehand or use shapes
  • highlight
  • add stamps (checkmark, red X, etc)
  • Add a grade and summary feedback on the grade panel
  • navigate between student submissions

Step 3

If you are happy with your annotations, click Save. To start over click Reset.

Step 4

You can click the arrows in the Change user textbox to navigate to the next student submission, search for a student submission by their name, or click the filter to quickly view and jump to submissions