Basic Zoom Audio & Video Management

You can easily manage participants’ audio in Zoom using individual muting and the “Mute all” functionality. You can also pin specific participant videos for your own viewing, or “spotlight” yours or other videos to take up most of the participants’ Zoom screens.

Muting a Single Student and Muting All Students

To mute a single student, right click on their video, and select “Mute” from the dropdown menu. This will send them a notification that they have been muted.

In order to mute all, click on the participants button in the bottom bar:

Then, click on the “Mute all” button in the window that opens:

Pinning a Video

Pinning a video makes a single video take up most of the space on the Zoom screen of the person who pins it – this is good for making a student presenter the focus for yourself.

To pin a video, hover your mouse over a participant’s video, and click on the “Pin” video.

To cancel a pin, click on “Switch to Active Speaker” in the top left corner

Spotlighting a Video

A video spotlight makes all participants view a specific video as the primary one, taking up most of the zoom video with a line of the other videos on the bottom. This is good for making a specific speaker the focus for all people in the Zoom meeting.

To spotlight a video, right click on the video of the participant that you want to spotlight and then click on the “Spotlight Video” button.


In order to cancel a spotlight, click on the “Cancel spotlight video in the top left corner of the spotlit video