The Civil War Letters

For over one hundred and fifty years the letters of William Peck and his wife Jennie were carefully preserved, and handed down from one generation to another. Then, in the summer of 2011, the current custodian, Jane Leeson, came to the University of Portland to see if we could help her preserve the letters for the next generations. Prof. Mark Eifler agreed to help her by having the letters digitalized, in exchange for letting UP students study the letters and use them for academic purposes.
This fall the letters will be used as a major part of a seminar on historical research using personal correspondance. Students will transcribe the letters, research their context, and present and publish their findings.

Making History

Prof. Hancock recently won the 2012 Herbert S. Schell Award from the journal South Dakota History for her article “Being ‘all things to all men:’ Louisa Irvine Riggs and the Cultural Implications of Women’s Missionary Work.”  She is also the author of “Healthy Vocations: Field Nursing and the Religious Overtones of Public Health,” recently published in the Journal of Women’s History.

AT UP, Prof. Hancock teaches Women’s History, African American History, and the History of Social Movements and Reform.In addition to teaching, she is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Oregon Historical Quarterly.  She recently co-hosted a presentation with Gertrude “Trudy” Rice, entitled Trudy’s Story: The Remarkable Career of One of Oregon’s First Registered Nurses of Color.  Following this presentation Prof. Hancock conducted an oral history recording session to preserve this story from Oregon’s past.  The audio-video recording will be available to students through the UP library.